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  1. Narfuin

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    вкратце - все кастомизейшены (Mounts, Pets, Vehicles, and other customizations that have been purchased through the item store) можно оставить, все остальное делай с нуля.
    Или играй на серверах, где все забили)
  2. Zoe

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    Я надеюсь их всех будут драть черти в аду) это все, что я хотела бы сказать по данному вопросу, спасибо)
  3. Venator

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    А мне идея нравится. Я прорабатываю всех кого могу, что бы вернуться в игру )).
  4. redviral

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    Венатор, возвращаешься? Буду рад видеть :)
  5. Venator

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    Планы это дело такое. ВОт только учитывая учёбу, интернатуру и прочее, очень хочется знать, когда же остаётся спать. :eek:
  6. redviral

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    В пробелах между задрачиванием, очевидно же!
  7. Narfuin

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    * Will partially transfer and be completely reset (Progress in TSW will transfer in some way, but, the museum rewards were made better and they want players to earn it)
    * Rewards revamped
    * Unlock revamp - 10k achievements are gone
    * Customization planned

    * Community halos reset probably (Tilty was on the fence, but was leaning towards that).
    * Weapon pages - if you link your TSW account (didnt day you needed GM at all) they will be unlocked. Looks like new players only get 2 for free
    * Most titles will transfer (if you had to earn it, probably need to earn it again)
    * Most clothing looks like its coming over, bag stuff, even achievement clothing. (The park clothing, that is coming even, but, no woodcutters [​IMG] )

    * Reticle mode is the only mode (It is being revamped, it is completely new, nothing like current implementation)
    * Combat should be less 'floaty'
    * No tab target (Reticle only)

    * Tokyo is delayed because... Whispering Tide is coming back! (It wont be 6 months, because they dont have to remake Tokyo)
    * Season 2 is coming, and the plan is faster release of content (heard once before, but SWL needs to do that)
    * A new type of content - no infos
    * Egypt will have massive mission flow rework
    * They have NOT released the lead writer yet
    * Popular mods integrated into the game
    * Mods not integrated will surely not work anymore (rehaul of that framework)

    * Augments are gone
    * Scenarios will be changing (no details)
    * Aegis is not gone, but we wont see it initially. Being redesigned
    * Somehow levels exist (but Tilty refereed to this like what we have now... just that levels are more hidden here)

    * Shambala will be there at launch

    * Beta is open and a small group is in. Large waves are coming soon
    * The voice actress in The park plays a lead female in mass effect andromeda
    * The 3 gold drops were for third age weapons. 3 drops as there were 3 tiers for them. Wont be in TSW ever, and didnt sound like in SWL either
    * Housing - They have an ambitious design for it (but no work on it, and did not say they would do it)
    * Tattoo Parlor - not at launch - but... still not off the table
    * Free camera mode for screenshot (Never)
    * Optimizations were made to make it run better
    * No dimensions like now... just one dimension that can split into more and more 'servers'. Like how our stuff splits on world bosses already
    * Vault data access not happening yet
  8. Narfuin

    Narfuin Активный участник Офицер

    - Not everything is set in stone and they want the feedback from the community.
    - There will be a new type of content, not disclosed yet.
    - The level progression will be comparable to an automatic distribution of SPs.
    - They were told to stay quiet in the last months to avoid info leaks.
    -- Now they'll try to stay open and talk as much as they can with the community through all the channels.
    - They want people to feel to belong to a faction not to "not belong" to the others.
    - Region Locked: he needs to check with the product manager.
    - At the beginning SWL will be only available on Steam.
    - Tatoo parlor still on the wish list but not really.
    - A lot of rewards will be personal, you can trade tehm, loot is personalized.
    - No offline play, but more control on when to see the other players.
    - Controller support is a big MAYBE, some things they have done have controller support in mind but they don't want to hinder mouse and keyboard use.
    -- For sure it will not be Full controller support but partial.
    - HQs will still be in the cities but they will be less important as hubs.
    - "Noob friendly" is related to the introduction to the game and explanations on how the game works not on dumbing it down.

    Season 2
    - They are not actively working on season 2 right now, but have it already planned out.
    - In season 2 there will be different sides instead of/in addition to the current ones.
    - They haven't replaced the lead writer yet, they work sometime with Josh.

    Dimensions and MUs
    - There will only be one dimension in SWL.
    - Meet Up is still a thing.
    - Instances access gives priority to you and your group to be together.

    PC Requirements
    - UI is still flash based
    - Increasing the default settings of the game, but the optimization should allow it.
    - If you can run TSW you will be able to run SWL at a better framerate.

    Streaming Ones
    - It will be on the 7th of April, 2017.
    - There will be both the CMs and Tilty.

    - Didn't really talk about its future.

    - It will use the reticulate mode, but it has been reimplemented from the start.
    - It has nothing to do with the current implementation.
    - It supposedly makes combat feel better.
    - It gives weight to the combat and makes it a lot less floaty.
    - It highlights the way the game looks.
    - It makes dodging easier.
    - Tilty says to not be worried.
    - There's a lot more visual feedback for example on when to dodge.
    - Free Camera to take screenshots: Nope. It would allow to see too much hidden stuff.
    - Reticule will be the only mode, no more Tab targeting.

    - Most of the popular mods are being integrated.
    - Most of the UI is being changed and updated.
    - New things have to be displayed.
    - They want to keep it simple but give most of the info.
    - Most of the mods will not be working because of the changing to the UI and API.
    - SWL will allow and encourage mods and modders.

    Ranking system
    - The rewards will be changed.
    - Vault data access: Not at launch and probably not related to the faction Rank.

    - Can't talk about it yet.
    - There will be a blog about the patronage bonuses.

    - Less emphasis on chat, hiding it away when there's no activity in it.
    - Not changed much, it's secondary to everything else being worked on.
    - #sanctuary, #pvp, #event, #noobmares -> no plans about them.
    - Mandatory global chats will not work because the backend really don't support them.

    Character Customization
    - Redone a lot of the faces.
    - More base faces available and they look better.
    - The interfaces has been revamped with more styles and more choices.
    - New hairstyles.
    - Better integration between hats and hairstyles.
    - Body options are the same because there are already 6k clothes available and they couldn't rework all of them.
    - They did something to the bodies but "we will find out".
    - There are new outfits too.
    - Character name filters will probably be made more lenient but they don't really know as of now.

    - SWL story will probably start in 2017 and not 2012 but we'll have more news later.
    - They are adding RP specific features.
    - A full section of Agartha is dedicated to Role Playing.
    - The silly outfits are part of the game and they will stay.

    - Didn't do much with cabals as of now.
    - Improving them is on the wish list.

    - It will be, for the most part, at the same locations - some will be moved.
    - There are changes to it, more info later.

    Char slots
    - They didn't really talk about it, probably more than one.

    Name Reservation
    - Only one name.
    - Cabal names will not be able to be reserved because it's too complicated to know who owns the name now (The cabal leader? Someone else?).
    - They will be open to help in case of griefing .

    Teleportation/Anima Leap
    - Still in the game.
    - More anima wells around the playfield.

    - The Beta has started and there are selected few people playing it now.
    - Tomorrow will be a big wave of invites going out.
    - They'll try to keep the number of players fairly high, inviting more people.
    - For 2 weeks big waves of invites.
    - Several Beta fases, beta wipes and beta focused on some specific stuff.
    - Beta will be wiped a lot of times.
    - Open Beta at the end before the launch, the progression will most likely carry over.
    - GMs and subs will not have preferred treatement with the invites.
    - They want the most diverse player base possible for the beta.
    - The beta is under NDA.
    - There's a beta private forum.

    - No public date for the full launch, but they have a plan for it.

    Quests & Story
    - They changed how the quests move and what you need to have (trigger) before moving from a quest to another.
    - Mission and cutscenes are the same.
    - Missions in the Scorched Desert have been reworked, improving the why and the when things happens, making them make more sense.
    -- Ex. Dust to Dust was sending you across the playfield, now you have less running around.

    - It depends a lot on how much success the relaunch has.
    - The museum was created with the intention to give a personal spot and for now it is all the housing we will get.

    - There will be one in SWL.
    - You have to redo it from the start.
    - No more 10k kills.
    - Easier to find the stuff you need because you get it while levelling.
    - Better rewards: it would imbalance the game having them unlocked from the start so they can't transfer it from TSW to SWL.
    - There will be more customization and personalization in the future.

    Clothing and Achievements
    - Certain achievements will be carried over from TSW.
    - A lot of the clothings and Achievements will not be available in SWL but you can carry them from TSW and they will became a sort of perk.
    - Cloths bought with pax at pangea might not be transferred but the decision will be made later.
    - You will need to achievement related clothes.
    - Halos will most probably be resetted.
    - Probably not all the titles will transfer over, but most of them should.
    - Steam achievements: didn't thought about it. At all.

    Vanity Items
    - Everything you got, or at least most of it, should be transferred.
    - A period after SWL is live you will have the ability to link your TSW account to your SWL one.
    - When you link your account it takes a snapshot of your stuff and they'll tell you what you can transfer.

    Whispering Tide
    - There will be a new whispering tide event.
    - It is not going to take 6 months because the content is already there.

    - You have to choose 2 weapons at character creation.
    - All abilities from these weapons will be accessible (but you will have to unlock them).
    - You need to buy the other weapons with IRL money/in game curriences.
    -- If you own any TSW version you have them all unlocked from the start.
    - The more you use a weapon the better you become with it.
    - You can unlock all the weapons ( TSW owners have them already without buying new Weapon Pages ).

    Weapon Pages
    - They are part of the presentation of the ability window.
    - They trimmed down some abilities.
    - For free user, for who join without a TSW game, they need to be bought.
    - Aux weapons: they don't know what they'll do with them as of now but they want to keep them.
    - Each weapon page you finish unlocking gets you one or more permanent buffs.
    -- More weapon pages you finish the stronger the buff gets.

    Ability Window
    - Each weapon has an actual identity and feel unique.
    - Each ability is useful for the weapon it is from.
    - Decks within the weapons.
    - Tree with Healing side, dps side etc
    - You will be able to get all the abilities.
    - Passives are split in 2 variations:
    -- Always active: when you unlock them they keep affecting your character.
    -- Weapon related: They only affect one weapon and do drastic things.

    Leech healing/Tank healing
    - Should still be possible.

    - AEGIS are being changed drastically
    -- They will talk more when tokyo will come nearer.
    -- Redesigned to actually being fun.
    - No auguments (I'm not sure if I got this right).
    - AEGIS and auguments were used as a kind of reset of progression and now they don't need it anymore.
    - It's recommended to use the classic three roles, but it's not mandatory and you can still use hybrid roles.
    - There still will be decks ( and there will be decks outfits to unlock ).

    - Shambala is coming because it is not faction specific.
    - The main reason is the possibility of problems with faction balance.
    - They want feedback from people about pvp.
    - Based on how it will go they'll decide what to do moving forwards.
    - They could decide to mantain a location (the map) but use a different a minigame.
    - If all the factions are healthy they could decide to have a faction related minigame.
    - They plan a new type of system on season 2 with different teams instead of the current ones.
    - They want pvp to be about skills and ability to see what's happening around the player, so even people with bad gear can have fun and play.
    - Shambala not know rewards, they haven't decided yet because the rewards in general are being reworked.

    - They will still attach to talismans.
    - They will be a lot stronger.
    - Much more different effects and abilities.
    - There are new signets.

    World Bosses
    - Still there.
    - Guardian of Gaia will change a bit, they will happen in Agartha.

    - Lots of people.
    - You will be able to advertise when you have mega bosses to summon.
    - Lots of events (like mega bosses) will happen here.
    - Better framerate because the playfield is being optimized to have a lot of people and the megabosses.
    - Fights here should be more similar to Hatekeeper and Flappy experience.

    - Still working on it, more info later.
    - The Wood Cutter will not be included in SWL (speculation, not discussed yet).

    - There will still be scenarios in SWL.
    - Less time consuming.
    - Composed by little action sequences you can do.

    - They have more granuality on difficulty levels, so some stuff is going to be more challenging then the current NMs and some stuff will be easier.

    - You can buy everything with ingame currencies, because everything is tradable.
    - All vanity will be able to be traded with other players.
    - You can potentially get everything without spending any IRL money.

    Info Propagation
    - They plan on making Blogs with info and stream.

    Supernal Diode etc
    - Original idea was to use them as ingredients for legendary 3rd age weapons for each of the nine weapon types.
    - The skins released were originally to use for these weapons.
    - Several stages of crafting and each different weapons required different bosses to drop stuff.
    - This has all been dropped now.

    P1: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/132322835
    P2: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/132330588
    P3: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/132340995
    DRRlol и redviral нравится это.
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    Гуд инфа, спасибо.
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    Кто-то попал в бету?
    Поделитесь впечатлениями
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    Реддит почитай, там впечатлений целый вагон, особо про боевку - такой хуйни еще никто не ваял.
    FoxNine нравится это.
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    FoxNine нравится это.
  15. Narfuin

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    а чё вообще? у нас играет кто-то или все решили "ну его нафиг"?:)
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    Я бегаю.... оказуалили страшно
    Narfuin нравится это.
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    Е мое. Люди живые. Че вы тут делаете вообще?)))
    Все в дискорде только сидят уже полгода))
  18. Zoe

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    А в игре такой треш и угар творится, что уже надо политическое убежище от фанкома просить))
    FoxNine нравится это.
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    Narfuin, а ты играешь?
    Doutzen а адрес дискорда можно? А то в тс как-то зашел - пусто
  20. Narfuin

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    я да, конечно, наркоман же и все такое) вот-вот египет закончу

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